anthropologie house and home catalog cover image with couches and trees

We were so pleased to be a part of Anthropologie's first ever dedicated catalog of furnishings and home decor last summer.  It was an incredibly challenging shoot, but one that went incredibly well.  We had a great time with the team, and the final images look great!

It all started, as most shoots do, with a location search.  We were charged with sourcing a set of 3-4 complementary locations, each with a specifically designated style.  Each location had to not only look amazing, but also have the square footage and load-in capability necessary for a shoot of this scale.  They also had to be within a reasonable distance from the Tri State area.  We worked with our location contacts to present over 50 different locations, and plowed through several rounds of location planning with our clients.  We also did our own targeted research, and found an incredible brownstone in NYC that had never before been used as a location.  We were able to get in touch with the owners directly, and convince them to let us shoot in their beautiful home, for the very first time.

We ended up shooting about 3 weeks straight, and based out of NYC and upstate NY.  The physical scale of the shoot was sizable considering the crew size- wherever we went, we had at least 2 24 ft merchandise trucks in tow, along with our trusty passenger van, props van, and photo SUV.  We tried to make the transportation plan and travel routes as efficient as possible, and I think we did a good job, considering the amount of stuff we had to travel with.

I can't say enough about our incredible team.  The in house creative team showed up ready to work.  The props team was nothing but professional, inventive, and talented.  Our props PA's worked as an integrated unit, and facilitated the gargantuan task of emptying, re-furnishing, then restoring all off the locations we used.  At every home, we basically had to empty most of its furniture, then load in our own merchandise to shoot.  After the shoot, our team had to put each location back together again, exactly as we found it.  We are proud to report that we didn't damage a single piece of homeowner property during our 3 weeks of shooting.  All of our location owners were very happy with our on-site work and attention to detail and safety.  This was a result of our professional, respectful, conscientious team's incredibly diligent work throughout the shoot, so THANK YOU to them!

As the days passed by, our crew became a tighter and tighter unit, a well-oiled machine impervious to exhaustion.  Photographer Simon Watson was instrumental in keeping morale high.  His unflagging ability to power through the more difficult moments, and sheer talent for finding great shots in the most challenging corners were nothing compared to his consistently cheerful attitude, which kept us laughing and working hard through even the longest days.  Prop Stylist Kim Ficaro was another consistently cheerful presence on set- and she did an amazing job styling the beautiful tableaus she and Anthropologie are known for.  Our biggest thanks go to everyone at Anthropologie- their in-house creative team was so talented, and a huge pleasure to work with.   

Please enjoy some of the final work from the shoot, as well as some behind the scenes pics and videos below.  Thanks!

anthropologie house and home catalog couches in a field with a chicken

Shoot Credits: Art Director: In HousePhotographer: Simon Watson; Photo Assistant: David Fernandez Stylist: In House; Prop Stylist: Kim FicaroHair/Makeup: Devra KineryProps Assistants: Harry Smith, Rebecca Bartoshesky; Art PA'sMixed Media Productions, Sammy Sabedra, Eric Waltz; Soft Goods Stylist: Shelley Turner; Video: Jack Shanahan, Dominick Pietrzak; Production Team: Stephen Michael Price, Alex Brannian, Miguel Quintero @ County Fair