green compost bucket for photo and video shoots by county fair productions

People tend to be surprised when we say we compost our food waste from set, which we always find …surprising.  While it does require a bit of extra work, it’s far from impossible to create composting solutions on set, at home, or in the office.

Bokashi is an anaerobic composting process that’s been used in Japan for a long time.  We use it on set, and benefit from its no mess, no smell, low maintenance qualities.  Unlike other composting methods, Bokashi composting allows for the renewal of a wide range of organic material, including meat scraps, bones, pet waste, and paper.  The anaerobic process speeds up the composting process, which means more of the NYC waste can be renewed here, within its population-dense local environment.

We heard about all of this from Vandra at Vokashi Kitchen Waste Solutions in Brooklyn.  She owns and operates an incredible Brooklyn-based home and business composting service.  They offer household and business composting collection throughout NYC!  When you sign up for Vokashi, they deliver empty buckets, along with the fermented starter mix necessary for composting.  Once or twice a month, they come back and collect your buckets of compostable waste, leaving new empty buckets with you.   They operate a few different land sites, where they turn your household waste into renewed soil for local use.

Finally, composting made (extremely) easy in NYC!  Thanks Vokashi-  Check out their site to learn more about them and their process.