Our secret editorial is finally revealed!   We produced this shoot for Elle Magazine on a beautiful October day, near Rockaway Beach.  Photographer Benny Horne and stylist Gracie Cobb used the backdrop of the Rockaways to create a glamorous take on the sleepy suburbs.  The pictures turned out great, and we were proud to be a part of this one.

We were on location just 2 weeks before Hurricane Sandy bore down on the very same Rockaway neighborhood, making the idyllic suburban scenes all the more poignant.  In response, Elle Magazine was kind enough to post a Sandy Relief guide on their website!  The residents of the Rockaways were so welcoming and friendly to our crew- our hearts are still with them as they continue to recover from the disaster.  Please click here to see more ways to continue to help the Rockaways and other Sandy victims.

On an environmental note, we were proud to recycle and compost everything we could on this one, and we were able to bring the shoot carbon neutral as well.  Thanks Elle!

Shoot Credits:  Producer: Stephen Michael Price at County Fair Productions;  Production Team: Miguel Quintero, Mick Ferreros, Dyami Allen for County Fair; Photographer: Benny HorneStylist: Gracie Cobb;  Hair: Andre Gunn at the Wall Group; Manicure by Gina Edwards for Chanel at Kate RyanCasting by Anita Bitton for The EstablishmentModel: Olga Sherer for New York Model Management;Fashion Assistant: Eliot Soriano