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County Fair took a trip to Vermont during the last few weeks of summer, and we were blown away by all of the location possibilities there.  From idyllic farms, to scenic roads, rustic barns, to pristine colonial towns and architecture – Vermont had a lot of location options.

We took a day trip to Montpelier (the state capital) to meet with Joe Boochkin at the Vermont Film Commission.  He showed us a million great locations, and put us in touch with a number of great local contacts.  We love shooting in upstate NY, but Vermont is truly worth considering- it’s just a bit further from NYC, but in our opinion the cohesive quality of the locations, from farms, to homes, to roads, (not to mention affordable rates and generally friendly residents) make it a solid option.  In addition to the location options, we also liked the way that almost all waste was recyclable, and that so much of the food we ate was grown and raised on nearby farms.  The Vermont community has been supporting those ideologies for decades, and it shows.

Enjoy some pics from the road!