Last week, we had the honor of producing the cover story for the upcoming issue of Brooklyn Magazine- the premier journal of all things Brooklyn!  Photographer Billy Kidd led an inspired team to create some incredible images of a Brooklyn legend-to-be.

We were extremely lucky to have our shoot at Root Brooklyn Studios, where the staff made every effort to accommodate our on-set needs and limited budget.  Special thanks to Kip, Aldana, Iliana, Mel, and everyone at the studio for their support before, during, and after our shoot.  We cannot recommend Root Brooklyn enough, we hope to be back there soon!

SO- who’s going to be on the upcoming cover of Brooklyn Magazine anyway?  You’ll have to wait until December 1, when the issue hits the stands.  We can’t give many hints, but we will say that it is going to be very Brooklyn, and very Big.  Stay tuned.