After years of sharing clients' and crews' concerns about waste and environmental responsibility on set, the County Fair production team developed a systematic approach to resolving those concerns, and launched County Fair with a commitment  to producing projects in an environmentally responsible way.  To date, County Fair Productions has offset over 200 Metric Tons of C02, recycled over 1000 pounds of paper, plastic, and aluminum, and has composted over 500 pounds of food waste into local soil as well.  We know that each component of every project has the potential to be managed well, with attention paid to environmental responsibility- without compromising the professionalism and quality of the project. * Here's how we partner with our clients to help them be a part of the environmental solution:


We calculate the carbon footprint of each and every project we produce, then work with Carbon Offset Credits to offset that carbon 100%.    This allows us to minimize our environmental impact, without limiting what we need to accomplish on set.   By  tracking and comparing our carbon output data  from each shoot, we’re able focus our efforts on the most effective reductions in the future.  Aside from simply offsetting the carbon we use, we look forward to bringing our gross carbon usage down each year as well.  


We do what you’d expect, and more.  We recycle everything we can- not just cans and bottles.  We compost on set and off.  We vet our vendors, along with the food and the products we use on set.   We use fuel efficient vehicles when possible, and make sure they aren’t left idling. In major cities, we offer an on-set electronics, clothing, food, and compost recycling drop for crew members. We manage our office responsibly, and bring it carbon-neutral each quarter.  We’ve developed a multi-tiered system that allows us to meet our own expectations of contributing positively to the world around us, while managing the realities of a modern shoot.


We offer our clients the option of contributing directly to carbon reduction, by offsetting (purchasing)  the carbon footprint of their project themselves.    This allows clients an inexpensive and easy way to demonstrate their environmental commitment.  


*What we do is relatively straightforward and simple- we urge everyone in our industry to get on board and commit to a similar approach.  Producers, clients, agencies-please feel free to contact us for more information about what we do, and how you can manage the carbon output and waste management on your own projects.