At County Fair, we know there are different ways to approach a project.  Our approach centers around the idea of simply doing it right. This philosophy encompasses everything we do, from the way we listen to our clients' needs, to the way we schedule and budget, to the way we consult and communicate with everyone involved in a project, and the way we leverage  our network of contacts around the world.  It includes the way we manage our sets, from locations and transportation, to insurance, permits, and crew safety.  And it includes our commitment to environmental responsibility, which we hope to share with our clients. 

When we produce a project, we represent our clients, and we understand the importance of that privilege.  When a client creates their best work, it reflects well on us; we understand the importance of that too.   Each project gets our full attention, from start to finish, regardless of size or scope.  Doing it right does not mean overspending- we understand the constraints of the modern day project budget.  That's why we keep our rates competitive, and provide transparent estimating and billing on every job.


After 6 excellent years producing with Shake Productions, Stephen Michael Price launched County Fair Productions in late 2012. After years of sharing clients' and crews' concerns about waste, and environmental responsibility on set,  our production team developed a systematic approach to resolving those concerns, and started a company committed to producing projects in an environmentally responsible way.  

To date, County Fair Productions has not only produced a slew of successful still photography, video, and events- we have also offset over 200 Metric Tons of C02, recycled over 1000 pounds of paper, plastic, and aluminum, and have composted over 500 pounds of food waste into local soil along the way.  And we are just getting started.  With offices on both coasts, and a wide network of resources across continents and disciplines, we're positioned to help our clients  create the best work they can.


We offer a full range of production services to streamline or complement any project.

  • Accommodations

  • Air Travel

  • Animal Talent

  • Art Buying

  • Budget Management

  • Catering

  • Celebrity Services

  • Craft Service

  • Creative Services

  • Customs and Carnets

  • Editorial Content

  • Equipment Rentals

  • Estimates

  • Events

  • Hotels

  • Incentives/For Credit Options

  • Insurance

  • International Shoot Production

  • Local Production Management

  • Local Talent Casting

  • Location Management

  • Location Options

  • Location Scouting

  • Location Research

  • Meals

  • On Set Management

  • Organized Transportation

  • Permitting

  • Photo/Video Equipment Rentals

  • Production Rentals

  • Prop Cars, Boats, Planes

  • Research

  • Scheduling

  • Security

  • Special Equipment Rentals

  • Street Casting

  • Talent/Model Casting

  • Travel Bookings

  • Travel Coordination

  • Vehicles


Every project has it’s own budget parameters and requirements, but here’s what you can expect on every County Fair Production, regardless of budget or location.  


  • Thorough initial consultation on your project, and feedback/advice on best approach, gratis

  • Quick estimate turnaround

  • Fair, transparent, and flexible estimate and fee structure

  • Thorough and well-designed location option presentations

  • Responsible budget management and negotiation

  • Clear and timely email and phone communication- 24/7

  • Creation of and adherence to a feasible production schedule

  • Development of a streamlined and intelligent overall production plan

  • Robust contingency planning

  • Streamlined, inclusive communication with all involved crew, clients, agencies throughout

  • Thorough, communicative, attractive preproduction packets delivered to all via email in advance of shoot


  • Experienced and friendly production team standing by

  • All insurances and permits prepared and in place

  • A safe and comfortable environment for clients, talent, and crew

  • Production completely set up in advance of client/crew arrival

  • Well-managed shot schedule communicated to all each day

  • Healthy and ample nourishment available for all clients/crew, including dietary restrictions and special preferences

  • Safe and comfortable vehicle transportation for all

  • Respectful communication and interfacing with all outside vendors, locations, and the general public throughout

  • Suite of environmental practices in place- please see our Environment page for more on that


  • Loose ends managed- deliveries, returns, messengers

  • Waste disposed of responsibly

  • All return travel managed

  • Timely submission of clear and itemized billing

  • Project carbon usage is 100% offset and certificate is provided to clients in their name